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Older people discerning a vocation to religious life

Resources for older discerners or those with physical and developmental differences

🕔23. Sep 2010

While most religious communities have age restrictions or restrictions for candidates with certain disabilities, many consider candidates on a case by case basis. There are also other options for community, fellowship, or support for candidates faced with impediments who feel called to religious life.

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5 signs religious life might be right for you

🕔08. Jul 2013

Look for these signposts on the journey as you explore the possibility of religious life.

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collage of historical religious figures

Consecrated life through the ages (Religious Life Timeline)

🕔23. Jul 2014

From ancient desert monasticism to contemporary forms of religious life, a small band of Christian men and women in every generation choose to consecrate their lives to God with unique vows of love and service that give radical witness to the gospel.

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Pope Francis Prayer for Vocations

PRAYER CARD: Pope Francis Prayer for Vocations

🕔31. Oct 2014

Please make use of this prayer for vocations by Pope Francis in your homes, classrooms, youth ministry gatherings, and parish liturgies.

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Nine ways to open up God's will for you

🕔22. Jun 2008

During my 35 years as a vocation counselor, I've discovered nine steps to help people find what they want--and what God wants for them.

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Ten things to know about discerning a vocation

🕔19. Jul 2011

Out of a long and sometimes challenging journey to religious life come these ten suggestions for others still in discernment.

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Rosary beads on an open Bible

Ten great things about being Catholic

🕔22. Jun 2008

The Catholic worldview adds incredible richness to our lives—making room for mystery, mercy, and much more.

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5 steps to finding your vocation

🕔14. Jul 2014

It’s as simple as ask, trust, stop, listen, and respond.

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 Sister Julie Vieira, I.H.M. with two members of her community, Sister Michele Denton, I.H.M. and novice Jane Aseltyne.

Six myths about becoming a nun

🕔23. Jul 2012

Don’t see yourself becoming a religious sister? Think again. 

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Enthusiasm uncurbed: profile of Juan Ruiz, S.J.

🕔25. Jul 2013

It seems hard to dampen the excitement Juan Ruiz has for religious life. This new Jesuit says that entering a community “has already brought 100 times the fruitfulness I had ever expected.” And he isn’t exactly working in a cushy job: He ministers with Hopeworks ’N Camden, an agency in inner-city Camden, New Jersey dedicated to job-readiness and education of poor youth. Juan blogs at about his experiences as a Jesuit novice, a two-year part of the process of entering the Society of Jesus.

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Pope Francis in a crowd

FOR BULLETIN EDITORS & DISCERNERS: Reflections on consecrated life

🕔14. Nov 2014

Insightful quotes and reflections on consecrated life for use in parish bulletins or on the parish website for every week of the Year of Consecrated Life and beyond.

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What does it mean to say that God is calling me?

🕔22. Jun 2008

Jesuit Ignatian tradition sees God as actively and personally involved in each of our lives. . . . God is engaged in a lifelong dialog with us. Our role in the dialog is to pay attention, listen, and try to respond.

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Sister Therese DelGenio, S.S.N.D. expresses her community’s charism through her work at Cincinnati’s Our Daily Bread.”

What is charism?

🕔19. Jun 2017

Charism is the inspirational purpose that starts communities and keeps them going. It is community mission and spirit. It gives communities distinctive personalities and imbues their daily practice with meaning.

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Let God’s Word open the door to your heart

🕔22. Jun 2008

Praying with scripture can help you hear the voice of the Spirit stirring inside your heart and inviting you to break open the Bible and come to know God more personally.

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Major traditions in religious life: What does it mean to be a Carmelite?

🕔11. Jul 2012

Carmelite spirituality enables God-seekers to discover new heights and depths in their own hearts and in the God who calls and loves them.

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How to know where God is leading you

🕔22. Jun 2008

In exploring a call to religious life, certain attitudes are crucial for success: openness, trust, expectation, and inner freedom.

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Jesus bring the Good News

FOR PARISHES & PREACHERS: Sample homilies that encourage vocation discernment

🕔30. Oct 2014

Here are some quick tips and sample homilies on vocation-related themes.

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Vocation Quotes

Consecrated life: Words of wisdom

🕔23. Jul 2014

A gathering of vocation quotes about consecrated life. We continue to add to the list. Feel free to send quotes our way.

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Interview a priest, sister, or brother

🕔16. Oct 2014

Meet with someone in religious life--a Catholic brother, sister, or priest--and ask these suggested questions.

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The essential facts about secular institutes

🕔17. Jul 2012

Members of secular institutes work in the heart of the world while dedicating themselves to God and taking vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience.

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