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17 questions about church vocations

🕔16. Jul 2019

VISION provides answers to your questions about priests, sisters, brothers, vows, sexuality, community life, and more.

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Questions people may ask about your vocation . . .

🕔08. Jul 2013

. . . and some answers you can give them.

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🕔17. Jan 2012

Ideas gathered from VISION Vocation Network's rich store of articles and online features for young men and women to learn more about their Catholic faith, their spirituality, and the vocation options available to them as they seek to find the path in life that will give them the most joy and fulfillment.

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Explore vocation through service

🕔16. Oct 2014

Work as a youth or campus ministry group to explore the importance of service in action, then discuss the experience.

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Interview a priest, sister, or brother

🕔16. Oct 2014

Meet with someone in religious life--a Catholic brother, sister, or priest--and ask these suggested questions.

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B.L.T.: Three steps for successful decision-making

🕔18. Nov 2013

Facing some big life decisions? Follow these three essential steps for reading the signs and making informed decisions: Believe, listen, and trust.

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Jesus makes himself known

🕔14. Nov 2013

Read the passage about the resurrected Jesus’ appearance on the road to Emmaus, and examine what causes your heart to burn with desire.

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